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Warranty Warranty Conditions

The commercial guarantee period granted for Finne products, made by hand, namely Jewellry, Bags, Backpacks, Wallets, Glasses cases, Accessories – jewellery, which is granted in case of manufacturing or material defects of the product, is 2 years from on the date of purchase of the product and is the responsibility of our company. They will be replaced or repaired free of charge by the company. The guarantee is granted in the event of material or manufacturing defects discovered later, demonstrable following the expertise of our specialists.


If the customer wishes to replace the product or return it in full, he has the option, based on the fiscal documents issued online and the Warranty Certificate, to return the product within 30 days from the date of purchase. The product must not be worn, used and must not show signs of wear.

If the products do not have a warranty defect or have a certain defect and which have been reported, after this 30-day period, they can be repaired and paid for by the buyer.

The warranty does not include damage caused to the jewelry due to non-observance of the indications mentioned in the Warranty Certificate, accidents, negligence, improper use or other factors not related to material or manufacturing defects.

The situations that can cause the cancellation of the warranty: exposure of the product to excessive heat, prolonged exposure to humidity or rain/snow, frost, defects caused by calamities or natural phenomena (fire, floods, etc.); changes made to the products, i.e. the replacement of certain component parts, defects caused by improper handling or use (excessive loading, storage on the floor or in improper conditions, scratches, hanging, drilling, etc.); defects caused by rubbing against other objects; defects arising from the use of the product for a purpose other than that for which it was designed.

The guarantee offered is ensured for the rights of the consumer, according to GEO no. 140/2021 regarding the sale of products, the guarantees associated with them and according to OG no. 21/1992 on consumer protection.


Finne informs customers that all products sold on are handmade, piece by piece, therefore there may be significant variations between one product and another. The prints for bags, wallets, glasses cases, accessories – textile jewelry may be slightly different from the image. These features cannot be considered defects and will not be covered under the guarantee.

We recommend that you follow the instructions for use and maintenance provided by the Warranty Certificate sent by together with the product. The guarantee granted does not affect the rights of consumers provided by the legislation in force. Consumer rights are respected in accordance with Law 449/2003 amended and supplemented by Ordinance 9/2016, OG 21/1992 with subsequent amendments and Law 296/2004.






Finne jewelry is sensitive jewelry that requires care and protection for long-term enjoyment. Constant use of dish soap, perfumes, salt water and other alcohol based products can damage the plating as we do not use nickel in the plating process to make our jewelery hypoallergenic and EU regulated.


  • Keep the jewelry in optimal conditions and keep it in the boxes intended for them, we recommend the boxes in which you received the jewelry purchased from ro.
  • Finne recommends not subjecting jewelry with semi-precious stones and crystals to mechanical shocks, their mounting may be affected by these shocks;
  • Finne recommends against constant use of agents such as dish soap, perfumes, salt water, skin creams, hairspray, chlorine or sulfur, and other alcohol-based products. They erode the metal and lose its shine!
  • Finne recommends that, after prolonged use, periodically clean the jewelry with a special polishing cloth;
  • Finne recommends against using abrasive materials to clean jewelry, regardless of whether it is gold or silver plated.
  • For silver-plated products – Finne recommends cleaning them with a soft cotton cloth;
  • For gold-plated products – we recommend cleaning them with special cleaning cloths, you can leave your accessories in warm water with liquid soap for 15-20 minutes and then wipe them with a soft piece of cotton, because they can lose their shine over time due to dust deposits, dirt.
  • In the case of jewelry made of genuine leather – Finne recommends avoiding contact with fats, water, perfumes, alcohol products to avoid stains and damage. Dusting with a soft cloth or a small brush is recommended. Grease stains or other impurities are removed with a cloth soaked in a weak solution of soap and water (1-2%). When the material is dry, a layer of skin-colored cream is applied with a soft brush.


Recommendations for Bags, wallets, accessories – jewelry


The products sold by Finne are created and handcrafted from textile materials, combined with metal frames and chains and with natural leather elements.

Product prints are hand-designed and screen-printed with inks approved by Soil Association Certification LTD as part of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), solvent-free and Oeko-Tex 100 compliant. Product frames are stitched by hand point by point!


  • The prints can be washed many times, they are indelible;
  • Dry cleaning is recommended for bags, backpacks, wallets and jewelry with frames and/or metal parts;
  • For bags that are only made of fabric, textile material, they can be washed in the washing machine, on the “delicate” program at a temperature of 30 degrees, but they should not be wrung out or tumble dried. Washing instructions are included on the label of each product. Do not wash with detergents, there is a risk of damage under the mechanical effect of washing, respectively the chemical effect of the detergent;
  • Finne’s recommendation is to clean the products with a dry brush;
  • For products that have natural leather elements, Finne recommends that the products are not exposed or stored for a long time in direct sunlight, in conditions of prolonged exposure to moisture and/or excessive temperatures, and avoid organic solutions and other petroleum products . These conditions lead to the destruction of the skin, mold, discoloration of the material, peeling of the skin. The products can be stored in a dark place;
  • Finne’s recommendation is also that in the storage process the shape of the product should be preserved, by filling, to maintain the original shape of the product;
  • Genuine leather is recommended to be treated only with specific cleaning substances. Also, in case of accidental splashing with water or other solutions, the leather part should be wiped with a soft cloth, moistened in a mixture of water and soap and left to dry at room temperature;
  • Don’t overfill products, leather and textile accessories, as this situation may lead to their deformation;
  • Finne informs customers that all products sold on are handmade, piece by piece, therefore there may be significant variations between one product and another. Prints for bags, wallets, glasses cases, accessories – textile jewelry may be slightly different from the picture;
  • Finne does not assume responsibility for non-compliance with recommendations for use, care and improper storage of products, therefore the Warranty is only valid if all instructions are followed.
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