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Return Policy customers can return the purchased products within a maximum of 30 (thirty) days from receiving the order. The ordered product can be returned in the same conditions in which it was delivered, with the original label intact, the original packaging and the delivery documents that accompanied it, according to O.U.G. 34/2014.

The product on which there are signs of wear or excessive use, scratches, chips, bumps, mechanical or electrical shocks will not be accepted for return. The product must be accompanied by the accessories and/or gifts with which it was delivered (if applicable).

Also, if the return package contains products different from those in the completed form, after the package has been checked by the courier, the pick-up may be refused.

If you have purchased several products of the same kind and want to return them all, make sure that only one has been unsealed. The return of the other products is accepted only if they are sealed.


In case of a return to easybox, fill in the return form from the customer account and select personal delivery to easybox (this option will be shown to you if the product is eligible). You will immediately receive by email and SMS a PIN/QR code with which you will be able to open the door of the locker where you will leave the product.

You can only return eligible products to easybox, depending on the type and size of the product.

To check the eligibility of the product you wish to return, check that the return to easybox option is displayed on the return form. If this is not displayed, it means that your product is not eligible for this return method.

Make sure that the product you are returning is packed in a package that respects the dimensions of the drawers, and the weight of the product, including the packaging, does not exceed 20 kilograms. The dimensions of the easybox drawers:

  • large = 47 x 44.5 x 39 cm
  • medium = 47 x 44.5 x 20 cm
  • small = 47 x 44.5 x 10 cm

As soon as you have completed the return form, you will receive by email and SMS a QR code that you will use to open a drawer. It is scanned at easybox, next to the dedicated screen.

After scanning the code, a drawer corresponding to your product will open. If the product does not fit in the automatically opened drawer, you can opt for another drawer size, not exceeding 47 x 44.5 x 10 cm. After placing the product in the correct drawer, make sure to complete the return process on the screen. If, for various reasons, you abandoned the return process, you can scan the QR code again to go through the steps above.

After completing the return, you will be notified by email when the product arrives at the Finne warehouse.


Between 5 – 14 working days from the date of return, the value of the order will be returned to the account from which the payment was made.

The transport costs related to this operation are borne by SC AMI DE SANTE SRL.

If the customer has paid the value of his approved order before declaring that he wants to cancel and the Company has already collected it, then the Company returns within a period of 5 (five) – 14 (fourteen) calendar days the value received in the same way in which the payment was made.

If a payment order was given in the name of the client, but the Company did not collect the relevant amount, then the Company is obliged, within 14 (fourteen) calendar days, to expedite all necessary actions and statements to each competent body to notify canceling the order and has the obligation to return the amount to the customer.

The buyer hereby expresses his agreement that, if the seller sends a gift or gifts together with the purchased goods and the buyer uses his right of withdrawal from the contract, then the suspensive condition that provided that the buyer will be obliged to return the goods together with the received gifts will be accomplished. Otherwise, the value of the gift will be withheld from the refunded amount. Also, in case of non-return of products from certain promotions or special offers, such as “1+1 ron”, “3+1 ron”, “50% discount on the second product purchased” or “30% discount on any purchased product together with an imposed product”, if in the case of returning one of the products the promotion condition is no longer fulfilled, the price of the kept products will be recalculated at the standard value, without benefiting from the respective promotion.

The company reserves the right to request return shipping costs for customers with a large number of returns (more than 3 returns in the last year, percentage greater than 50% returned orders from the total number of orders, etc.). We will also deduct the shipping cost from the refunded amount if you send the product by a courier other than the one sent by our company without paying the shipping cost upon shipment.

The return is accepted if the product is in perfect condition and nothing is missing from the package that was delivered the first time (labels, etc.) and the proof of purchase must be included in the package together with the return form, from the customer account or the return form here

Return form

Please pack the product in the package in such a way that it does not suffer any damage during the transport back to us, fill in the Return Form with all the requested data, including your bank account required for the refund. Afterwards we will send a courier to pick up the parcel.


Address for delivery of goods: SC AMI DE SANTE SRL, Bucharest Sector 2, Calea Mosilor no. 235A, villa, building C, floor 2, apartment 12, postal code 020872, e-mail, telephone number: 0040 758 033 033.

Or from your account, you can initiate a return for the order.

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