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FINNE brings elegance to your home in this special time!

Join FINNE club and receive a 🎁 30 RON voucher gift for one order. The voucher is available when you spend more than 150 RON


Simply the Finest

FINNE Club Rules

Anyone can become a FINNE Club member. Membership is confirmed by Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum membership through a FINNE Club digital card. This card is not a credit card, but a loyalty card, on the basis of which holders can benefit from a set of advantages when purchasing FINNE products.


  • 10% BIRTHDAY FINNE DISCOUNT: Granted for a single transaction in the anniversary month. The gift is 100 points, respectively 50 lei for which you have 30 days from the day you were born to use them as you like.
  • Invitations to events organized by FINNE, campaigns
    Discounts based on points related to Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum thresholds and indefinite membership
  • FINNE assumes the right to stop the program at any time, by notifying customers 30 days in advance of this decision.

According to law 677/2001, your personal data will only be processed for analysis purposes. They will not be transferred to other databases; According to the mentioned law, changes can be made or opposition can be made regarding personal data.

This FINNE CLUB program is organized by SC AMI DE SANTE SRL, as “Organizer”.


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